Hello world! I am a 20 year old nonbinary tulpa system, and I have a mission. To play one game for every member of the roster of the classic GameCube title, Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Why Melee and why not Ultimate? Three reasons really. For starters, Melee is ultimately (see what I did there) a better game. Also, I did not want to touch Wii Fit specifically, as that game is very much "Body-Shaming: The Computer Program", and forces an identity onto me that frankly, I do not want or need. Finally, and most importantly, ULTIMATE IS A DAMN LOTTA GAMES, AND FAR TOO MUCH NINTENDO FOR ANY WELL-BALANCED GAMER DIET. I do intend to have more Let's Play projects as I go on, but for now, this site will be Super Smash Project Melee. When the time comes to make a new project, I will archive this site at the Wayback Machine and do major renovations. For now though, you can find me on YouTube @alena0327